Single Zone Outdoor Units

Tested to Perform. Available in four models, Durastar single zone outdoor units are engineered for efficiency and durability. With cooling capacities up to 24,000 BTUs and heating capacities up to 25,000 BTUs, homeowners will stay comfortable even in extreme climates ... See More >

Durastar Single Zone Outdoor Unit

Multi-Zone Outdoor Units

Tested to Perform. Durastar multi-zone outdoor units deliver efficient and reliable heating and cooling for up to five zones within a home. HVAC professionals and homeowners alike can benefit from their durable engineering and affordable price. See More >

Durastar Multi Zone Outdoor Unit

Wall Mounted

Tested to Perform. Durastar wall mounted mini-split units have a slim profile to fit seamlessly into any home. Available in four models that operate at low volumes, our wall mounted units create comfort without creating disruptive noise. See More >

Mini-split Wall Mounted

Ceiling Cassette

Tested to Perform. For dynamic installation options, Durastar ceiling cassette units are the solution. Perfect for family rooms, office areas and other spaces where efficient airflow is needed, our ceiling cassettes provide powerful heating and cooling in one discrete package. See More >

Mini-split Ceiling Cassette

Floor Mounted

Tested to Perform. Durastar floor mounted mini-split units fit easily into residential spaces for customized home comfort. Homeowners benefit from their combination of form and function with their compact footprint and powerful heating and cooling capacities. See More >

Mini-split Floor Mounted

Slim Duct

Tested to Perform. Durastar slim duct units are designed to be easily retrofitted into a home’s existing registers and serve smaller adjacent rooms for discrete, zone-specific air. With a minimum sound level as low as 32 decibels, these whisper-quiet ducts ... See More >

Mini-split Slim Ducted

Floor/Ceiling Flex

Tested to Perform. Durastar floor/ceiling flex units are designed for dynamic installation based on the needs of the homeowner. These units provide reliable heating and cooling power whether installed on the floor or on the ceiling. See More >

Mini-split Floor/Ceiling Mounted