Get a complete HVAC system from Durastar and optimize energy savings

From blustery winter mornings to scorching summer afternoons, you need an HVAC system you can depend on. One that keeps you and your family comfortable, season after season, without breaking your budget. At Durastar, our selection of HVAC equipment is comprehensive and tested to perform, making us a reliable one-stop solution for all your heating and cooling needs. Take control of your home’s environment with premium energy-efficient products that work cohesively to provide ultimate comfort and energy savings.

A whole-home system from Durastar offers you convenience.

Durastar has a complete inventory of heating and cooling equipment from energy-saving heat pumps and furnaces to mini-splits and PTACs. Ranging from our Core Series to our highest-efficiency Elite Series, our selection delivers dependable solutions at a value that is friendly for everyone. When it comes time to upgrade your equipment, consider purchasing a complete system to ensure the products are compatible. This will maximize more than your comfort and budget, you will improve system efficiency and experience increased convenience.

Streamlined Serviceability

Not only does having a complete HVAC solution from Durastar optimize system performance but also it streamlines yearly equipment inspections and maintenance. Furthermore, if an issue arises, the last thing you want is a delay in the troubleshooting process. If your equipment is from different manufacturers, fixing system problems becomes more complex.

Complete Control

HVAC equipment purchased from the same line of products offers complete system compatibility. With this compatibility comes centralized control. Rather than worrying about syncing multiple systems using various platforms and technologies, you can monitor, program, and better manage the performance of your HVAC system from one thermostat.

Winning With Warranties

An unexpected benefit of buying HVAC equipment from a reliable one-stop solution like Durastar is dodging the ever-present, time-stealing problem of information overload. Get equipment-specific warranties from one source and uncover your potential rebates!


With industry-leading innovations and technology, like Sirius Heat™ and Follow Me, you can maximize your comfort, system performance, energy savings, and time by installing heating and cooling equipment from Durastar. Engineered for comfort®.