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Heat pumps offer two distinct advantages. Firstly, the units operate as air conditioners throughout the warm seasons. Then, when temperatures drop, you simply flip a switch and the unit will keep indoor climates comfortable. Secondly, heat pumps are all electric, so they require less energy to run, in turn reducing utility bills. Talk to your contractor to determine the best combination of Durastar’s products that will work together to create a reliable and energy-saving system.
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Durastar Heat Pump Condensers offer year-round temperature control with SEER2 ratings and more.


Introducing an innovative collection of premium heat pumps that customers and contractors are raving about. Our most efficient line offers impressive quiet operation, precise humidity control, and compact design at a price point you’ll love.


With a 15.2 SEER2 efficiency rating and two-stage operation, our Advanced Series units offer outstanding savings on utility bills, year after year. Experience quiet operation, durable construction, and year-long comfort.


Durastar offers high-quality heat pump condensers that are built to withstand outdoor environments for years to come. With high-efficiency ratings, multi-zone compatibility, and more, you get the heating and cooling equipment you need from a brand you can trust.

Frequently Asked questions

What’s more important, HSPF or SEER?

If you live in an area where winters are mild, then pay extra attention to the SEER rating. Conversely, if you live in the north where winters are more extreme, then the HSPF value is more important.

What are the main differences between a heat pump and a mini-split heat pump (otherwise known as a ductless heat pump)?

Generally, heat pumps are integrated into your home’s central heating and cooling system. That means the heat it provides travels through ducts into various rooms throughout your home. Alternatively, mini-split heat pumps, or ductless heat pumps, distribute heat directly into the room where they are installed.

What is HSPF2?

HSPF2 stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor 2. HSPF2 is a standardized rating used by all heat pump manufacturers to compare energy efficiencies between heat pumps. The higher the HSPF2, the more efficient the system operates during cold seasons.

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