15.2 SEER2 Heat Pump Condensers

One unit, year-long comfort.

Experience seamless operation year-round with one proficient unit. Our Advanced Series 15.2 SEER2 heat pumps are packed with premium features such as an increased efficiency two-stage compressor. As a result, you experience outstanding performance and cost savings year after year. In addition, a durable, weather-resistant steel cabinet protects the coils and inner workings of the unit so you can rest easy. Talk with your HVAC contractor to determine which combination of Durastar’s HVAC products are best suited for your home.


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15.2 SEER2 Heat Pump Condensers Features

  • HVAC equipment products sold to licensed contractors only. Products sold in select areas only, please contact your local branch for availability in your area.
  • Two-Stage Scroll Compressor: Provides more precise temperature control, lower humidity and greater efficiency when compared to single stage compressors
  • Fully Louvered Steel Cabinet: Features durable construction to add protection from yard hazards & weather corrosion
  • Easily Accessible Control Box: Ease of installation and serviceability
  • Inverted Reversing Valve: Allows for faster heat transfer with gravity assist shifting and reduced joint stress for increased reliability


  • BTU: 18000
  • BTU Cooling Rating: 18000 Btu/h
  • Communicating: Non-Communicating
  • Compressor Type: Scroll
  • Decibel Rating (dB): 73 dB
  • Height: 25-3/16 in
  • Liquid Line (OD): 3/8 in
  • MBH: 18
  • Phase: Single Phase
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Refrigerant: R-410A
  • Specifications - ETL Listed: No
  • Specifications - UL Listed: Yes
  • Stages: Two
  • Style Name: DRHP15A
  • Suction Line (OD): 3/4 in
  • Tonnage: 1.5 Ton
  • Volts: 208/230V
  • Weight: 160 lb
  • Width: 29-9/16 in

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Frequently Asked questions

What’s more important, HSPF or SEER?

If you live in an area where winters are mild, then pay extra attention to the SEER rating. Conversely, if you live in the north where winters are more extreme, then the HSPF value is more important.

What are the main differences between a heat pump and a mini-split heat pump (otherwise known as a ductless heat pump)?

Generally, heat pumps are integrated into your home’s central heating and cooling system. That means the heat it provides travels through ducts into various rooms throughout your home. Alternatively, mini-split heat pumps, or ductless heat pumps, distribute heat directly into the room where they are installed.

What is HSPF2?

HSPF2 stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor 2. HSPF2 is a standardized rating used by all heat pump manufacturers to compare energy efficiencies between heat pumps. The higher the HSPF2, the more efficient the system operates during cold seasons.

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