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Durastar offers customers a large selection of air conditioners in order to ensure there is a premium solution for your specific needs. From our highly tested Core Series to our highly efficient 15.2 SEER2 Advanced Series air conditioners, you can depend on Durastar for reliable comfort. If you’re looking for alternative heating and cooling solutions, be sure to review our ductless mini-splits and discuss your selections with a qualified HVAC contractor.
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Consider pairing Durastar’s energy-efficient air conditioners with other Advanced Series HVAC equipment for extreme efficiency, energy-savings, quiet operation, and evenly distributed airflow throughout your entire home.


Reliability at a price point for everyone, our Core Series AC units provide year-round comfort. These models are favored by both customers and contractors alike due to the ease of installation and quick-to-access control box.

Frequently Asked questions

What is EER2?

EER2 is Energy Efficiency Ratio 2. It’s the cooling capacity of an air conditioner or heat pump unit for a specific amount of energy used in a specific testing climate.

Which AC units are the quietest?

Decibels (dB) are the unit of measure for the intensity of noise. The lower the decibel level, the quieter your unit will be. We share key specifications, such as decibels, on our product pages so you can quickly compare your options.

What does SEER2 mean?

SEER2 stands for Seasonal Efficiency Energy Ratio which compares the energy efficiencies from different central air conditioners and heat pump systems. The higher the rating, the more efficient the system.

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