I need a new HVAC system - now what?

Two Durastar experts inspecting an HVAC unit at a Ferguson heating and cooling warehouse for a customer that's upgrading their system.Making big upgrades to your home, whether shopping for appliances or investing in an entirely new HVAC system, is a significant task. Sometimes, it is intimidating to navigate industry-specific lingo and determine which specifications are most important when comparing two similar products. If you can relate, then our expert team at Durastar wants to share 3 simple steps to start the process of replacing or upgrading your HVAC system. Once you complete these 3 steps, we encourage you to lean on the guidance of your highly qualified HVAC contractor. They will assist you through the process by answering your questions, providing recommendations, and ensuring you invest in heating and cooling equipment that is built to last.

Start the process of upgrading your HVAC system with these 3 steps.

  1. Make your wish list and outline your needs. On your wish list, outline your personal heating and cooling preferences. For example, determine whether you’d prefer a blanket temperature throughout your home or zone-specific heating and cooling. Here are a few additional ideas to consider (sometimes it is helpful to order them by importance): energy efficiency ratings, long-term savings versus upfront expenses, noise levels (shown as decibels, dB), ducted versus ductless solutions, etc. If you’re not sure about some of these details, that’s okay! Simply ask your HVAC contractor for assistance.
  2. Think through consultation and installation logistics. Hosting a big family gathering or heading out of town for a week? It’s probably best to hold off on this project until you are more available. Often, HVAC installations can take several days to complete. During installation, it is recommended that you are home to help answer any questions and to ask some of your own. So, mark your availability, and don’t forget to consider your pet’s schedule.
  3. Hire an HVAC professional. To find and hire a certified HVAC professional, ask friends and family for recommendations and conduct some research online. When you find the right contractor for the job, share your wish list, installation logistics, and any questions that you may have. Now, you’re well on your way to updating your HVAC system.

Durastar offers high-quality heating and cooling equipment that has been tested to perform and is built to last. Take a tour of our HVAC products and discover comfort-enhancing solutions.