Prep Your Furnace For Winter

Kids in cozy socks after prepping the home's furnace for winter.With frosty mornings among us, it is evident that winter is right around the corner. For reliable heat during the cold season, Durastar recommends giving your furnace or heat pump a thorough review. By completing a few simple maintenance checks, you can rest easy knowing your heating system is ready to perform. Not to mention, regular furnace maintenance helps you achieve maximum efficiency and save on winter heating bills, year after year.

Complete this checklist to prep your furnace for winter:

Replace the filter on your furnace.

Checking your HVAC filters year-round is highly recommended. Generally, filters need replacing every 30-90 days. Not only does this ensure maximum system efficiency and longevity, but also it improves the air quality of your home and deters system degradation.

Turn up the heat and give your furnace a trial run.

If it has been a while since you’ve used your furnace, then turn up your thermostat and give the system a test run. Check to determine whether the unit is engaged and note any unusual noises or smells. This is an easy way to tell if your furnace is acting funny and to get a jump start on contacting a trusted technician if any issues are detected.

Remove rugs and furniture from vents.

Keeping your vents clear will prevent your furnace from working overtime – this is an easy way to prep your furnace for winter. Remove any items that are blocking vents such as rugs, furniture, curtains, and plants.

Confirm burner flames are steady and blue.

When your furnace is running, open the unit’s cabinet door and, from a safe distance, take a peek at the burner flames. You should see steady flames that are colored blue. If they are orange or yellow, or if they appear to be inconsistent/flickering, then turn the unit off and contact your HVAC technician right away.

Winter is a perfect time to schedule your annual furnace cleaning and inspection.

An annual inspection from a qualified HVAC technician will both enhance your system’s overall heating and cooling efficiency and prolong the life of your equipment. During the inspection, your technician wipes your unit clean while checking for wear on its components. They will notify you of any issues and inform you about the scope of repairs. Reduce your risk of a furnace mishap mid-winter and extend the life of your heating and cooling system with an annual equipment inspection.

If you have completed this checklist, had a trusted technician review your HVAC system, and determined it might be time to invest in a new, high-efficiency furnace, then talk to your contractor about their experience with Durastar. From our rigorous performance testing to our advanced Sirius Heat™ technology, we offer a comprehensive selection of HVAC equipment that fits the needs of your home and budget. Rest comfortably knowing Durastar’s offering is backed by industry-premium warranties and proven performance.