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Because they use heat pump technology, PTHPs from Durastar offer increased efficiency and energy savings. For year-round comfort, lower operating costs, and better humidity control review our high-quality PTHP models.
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PTHPs (packaged terminal heat pump) and PTACs (packaged terminal air

Frequently Asked questions

Can I use a PTAC in my home?

Yes! PTACs are commonly used in homes as well as commercial spaces, like hotels. They are ideal for individualized, easy to adjust temperature control.

Which is quieter, a PTAC or Mini-Split?

Unlike mini-split units which require an outdoor compressor, PTACs are one complete unit. Therefore, PTACs may generate more noise than mini-splits.

How easy is it to install or replace a PTAC or PTHP?

One of the benefits of PTACs or PTHPs is the ease of installation or replacement, however, we do recommend teaming up with a contractor to ensure the equipment is properly placed.

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