Where can I find the serial number on my HVAC unit?

Where to Find My Serial NumberWhen registering your heating and cooling system or reviewing your HVAC warranty online, you’ll need to find the serial number on your unit. Firstly, if your original sales invoice is handy, it should contain the information you need. Otherwise, check the equipment itself.

Here’s how to locate the model and/or serial number on my HVAC unit.

To start, determine whether you have a split system or a package system. A split system will have separate units; one for cooling and one for heating. On the other hand, a packaged system combines multiple units into a single piece of outdoor equipment. Once you determine which type of system you have, locate the model and serial number tags.

Split Systems

Because there are two different units in a Split System, you’ll need to register two different model and serial numbers. On outdoor units (like an air conditioner or heat pump), the model and serial number tag is located on the top corner of the unit. For the indoor units (like a furnace or air handler), the tag is located inside the front panel near the top.

Packaged Systems

The serial and model number will be on the outdoor packaged unit. Check the top of the unit near the back corner.

If you need further assistance registering your HVAC unit, connect with your contractor.