Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners - R32

Customized and efficient temperature control for individual spaces.

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners, or PTACs, are the perfect solution for individualized comfort. Not to mention, our R32 PTACs reduce environmental impacts and are tested to perform. This new series includes an Auto fan setting and a Dry mode for added comfort control. Whether upgrading your home office, condo, or sunroom, discuss your heating and cooling options with a reputable HVAC contractor. Together, you can explore Durastar’s HVAC equipment and determine which solutions offer the cost-saving comfort you need.

Please note, that our selection of PTACs fits a standard wall sleeve, includes washable filters, and has intuitive, easy-to-access controls on the unit. If you’re looking to achieve precise temperature control for small areas, you may also consider learning more about our inventory of PTHPs and mini-split units.




No one stands behind their brand like we do. Durastar offers durable airflow during even the harshest heating and cooling conditions. In addition, our warranty provides maximum coverage for total peace of mind.

Extended warranty options are available for both parts and labor. Talk to your contractor for more information.

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Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners - R32 Features

  • HVAC equipment products sold to licensed contractors only. Products sold in select areas only, please contact your local branch for availability in your area.


  • Refrigerant: R-32
  • Specifications - CEC Compliant: For Sale in CA
  • Type: DRPTAC07Y32351A

DRPTAC07Y32351A Documents

    Frequently Asked questions

    Can I use a PTAC in my home?

    Yes! PTACs are commonly used in homes as well as commercial spaces, like hotels. They are ideal for individualized, easy to adjust temperature control.

    Which is quieter, a PTAC or Mini-Split?

    Unlike mini-split units which require an outdoor compressor, PTACs are one complete unit. Therefore, PTACs may generate more noise than mini-splits.

    How easy is it to install or replace a PTAC or PTHP?

    One of the benefits of PTACs or PTHPs is the ease of installation or replacement, however, we do recommend teaming up with a contractor to ensure the equipment is properly placed.

    What is the difference between R32 and R410 refrigerant for PTACs/PHTPs?

    The main difference between these two refrigerants is their GWP, also known as Global Warming Potential. R-32 has a lower GWP, is easier to recycle, and may have lower maintenance costs.

    How to talk to your contractor

    Learn how to talk the talk with a few of our top tips. We cover important questions to ask your HVAC contractor, common mistakes when buying a new system, and more.

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