Single-Stage Variable-Speed Furnaces - 95% AFUE

Maintain that perfect temp throughout your home.

Single-stage variable-speed furnaces offer extreme temperature control and energy-saving efficiencies. With technology capable of continually monitoring the temperature throughout your home, the unit limits power consumption using only what is necessary. This is accomplished by incrementally adjusting its blower speed to achieve the desired air temperature. Aluminized primary and stainless steel secondary heat exchangers work together to extract the most out of your fuel bill. Precise and efficient, this gas furnace solution evenly distributes heat, quiets airflow, and controls humidity. This allows you to stay comfortable in all your favorite spaces while saving energy.

Single-stage variable-speed furnaces are multi-positional to fit your home’s specific ductwork. When replacing an outdated furnace, talk to your contractor about placement options as well as compatibility with any existing piping systems. Our Core Series and Advanced Series furnaces are durable, provide comfort for years, and are built to ensure installation and maintenance are a breeze.




No one stands behind their brand like we do. Durastar offers durable airflow during even the harshest heating and cooling conditions. In addition, our warranty provides maximum coverage for total peace of mind.

Extended warranty options are available for both parts and labor. Talk to your contractor for more information.

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Single-Stage Variable-Speed Furnaces - 95% AFUE Features

  • HVAC equipment products sold to licensed contractors only. Products sold in select areas only, please contact your local branch for availability in your area.
  • Not all Durastar products may be available in all areas currently. See your local Durastar distributor for details.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for ease of monitoring, troubleshooting, and repairing the product
  • Direct spark ignition system is one of the most dependable ignition systems on the market
  • Blocked drain sensor will prevent water spillage and potential water damage to your home.
  • Low profile 34" cabinet is ideal for space constrained installations
  • Aluminized steel constructed heat exchanger provides maximum corrosion resistance and thermal fatigue reliability. It is also removable for improved serviceability


  • AFUE: 95.00 %
  • BTU: 40000
  • BTU Heat Rating: 39900 Btu/h
  • Blower Type: Direct Drive
  • Communicating: Non-Communicating
  • Condensing: Yes
  • Configuration: Multi
  • Energy Star Compliant: Yes
  • Fan Speeds: Variable
  • Flue Size: 4
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas
  • Green Product: Yes,Energy Star
  • Height: 34 in
  • Horsepower: 1/2 hp
  • Ignition System: Direct Spark Ignition
  • Length: 28 in
  • MBH: 40
  • Phase: Single Phase
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Specifications - UL Listed: Yes
  • Stages: Single
  • Style Name: DR95M4AW
  • Tonnage: 3 Ton
  • Volts: 115V
  • Weight: 123.5 lb
  • Width: 17-1/2 in

DR95M4AW0401317SAB Documents

Frequently Asked questions

What is AFUE?

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), is a standardized measure of efficiency for how furnaces and boilers convert energy to useable heat.

What is the main difference between a furnace and a heat pump?

Furnaces burn fuel to generate heat whereas a heat pump draws air from outdoors across the condenser coil, either releasing heat to the outdoor air when in cooling mode or absorbing heat from the outdoors, even in the coldest weather in heating mode.

How often should my furnace be serviced?

Durastar recommends your furnace to be serviced at least once a year to ensure it is functioning optimally and providing maximum comfort.

Do gas valve stages make my furnace more efficient?

Yes, in contrast to a single-stage gas valve, two-stage valves adjust their output to obtain your desired indoor temperature. That means if it is a milder day, then your system will use less energy to achieve maximum comfort. Less energy output often results in lower utility bills.

What is an HVAC evaporator coil?

Evaporator coils are located inside your home and work with your air conditioner and furnace. Depending on whether you are heating or cooling a space, the coils pull in existing air to cool it or they add heat to warm it up. In essence, coils are one of the most important pieces to your HVAC system and are responsible for the heat exchange.

What is the benefit of an all-aluminum coil?

Unlike copper which may rust over time, all-aluminum coils do not. In addition, they are more resistant to micro-leaks which increases the longevity and efficiency of your unit.

What is the difference between an 'A' coil and 'N' coil?

‘A’ coils are formed using two slabs of fins – these types of coils have a surface area similar to a slab coil, however, they are installed without transition ducting. Alternatively, ‘N’ coils use three fin slabs. This arrangement increases the coil’s surface area and, therefore, accommodates more refrigerant. As a result, it operates more efficiently and generates more heat.

How to talk to your contractor

Learn how to talk the talk with a few of our top tips. We cover important questions to ask your HVAC contractor, common mistakes when buying a new system, and more.

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