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HVAC professionals and homeowners alike benefit as a result of Durastar’s outdoor mini-splits. Our standard heat units are known for their durable engineering and affordable price. Not to mention, you can expect reliable heating when outdoor temperatures are as low as -13°F. In addition, our Sirius Heat™ units use advanced technology, providing dependable heat down to a frigid -22°F. When it is exceptionally cold, you need an exceptional system. Depend on Durastar’s selection of outdoor mini-split units for premium temperature control.
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Durastar Mini-Splits

Frequently Asked questions

What is a mini-split system?

Mini-splits are a ductless solution to heating and cooling individual rooms or spaces. They are discrete and reduce installation efforts.

Can I have a multi-zone mini-split system?

Yes! Mini-splits can be configured for single-zone or multi-zone applications. Each unit is connected to one outdoor unit.

Do I need a contractor to purchase and install my mini-split system?

You can purchase Durastar’s mini-split units directly from Build with Ferguson. However, we recommend working with a contractor to ensure you acquire the best combination of products, install the system properly, and take full advantage of the products’ warranty. Please note that warranties may be voided if not installed by a licensed professional.

What is a multi-zone ductless unit?

A multi-zone ductless unit offers customers a duct-free solution for whole-home heating and cooling. Like mini-splits, these systems have one outdoor unit, however, the outdoor unit connects with up to five indoor units for total comfort.

Where are mini-split units mounted?

Mini-split units offer customers flexibility in more ways than one. They can be mounted on the ceiling, wall, or floor. In addition, with an air handler, mini-splits are simple to integrate into existing ductwork.

Are mini-split units loud?

Thanks to their DC motors, inverter compressors, and compact design most mini-split solutions offer quiet operation and discrete mounting options. Before purchasing, check the unit’s decibel rating (dB)as a reference to compare units.

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