Winter Checklist For Heat Pumps

Replacing dirty furnace filter in home is number one on our winter checklist for heat pumps.Seasonal maintenance on your heating equipment can make a big impact on their performance and your monthly energy bills. Follow our winter checklist for heat pumps (if you have a furnace, this is the checklist for you), and rest easy knowing your system will keep you comfortable throughout the upcoming cold season.

Like all HVAC equipment, we recommend scheduling a yearly heat pump inspection from a trusted technician. During the inspection, your technician will clean your unit, check connections, lubricate mechanical components, inform you of any signs of wear, and more. Customers who invest in annual reviews often benefit financially due to their systems operating more efficiently and having longer lifespans. In addition to hiring a specialist, we recommend performing a few simple DIY heat pump maintenance tasks to ensure you’re ready for winter.

Perform this DIY winter checklist for heat pumps for maximum efficiency and reliable warmth all season long.

  • Replace your heat pump air filters regularly.

    Replacing your HVAC air filters as needed is one of the simplest ways to enhance your system’s efficiency and increase its lifespan. We recommend checking your filter every few weeks. If it appears dirty, then don’t wait to swap it for a new one.

  • Make sure your unit has some breathing room.

    To avoid airflow restrictions that cause your heat pump to overwork, give your outdoor unit room to breathe. Before the temps drop and the snow falls, check the area surrounding the exterior equipment. Clear any debris, including plants and leaves, from the unit. During winter, remove any snow or ice build-up. This will give your unit the space it needs to keep up with the demands.

  • Wipe clean outdoor coils and indoor registers.

    Turn off your system and simply wipe down the accessible components of your heat pump with warm water. Avoid harsh chemicals as they may corrode the equipment.

  • Clear all air vents in your home.

    Check the air vents, both the return and supply, throughout your home to ensure they are unobstructed. Don’t forget to look beneath furniture, under rugs, and behind plants to be sure all vents are clear from obstructions.

If your heat pump is becoming less reliable and your winter heating bills are climbing, then it might be time to consider replacing your HVAC equipment. With new industry technologies and efficiencies, homeowners have the potential to save big by upgrading. Depend on Durastar for a selection of premium heating and cooling products that are tested to perform, built to last, and available for a wide range of budgets. Engineered for comfort.® Go ahead, relax with confidence.